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Component Refurbishment Drawing
Component Refurbishment Model

Switch, “V” & ”K” Refurbishment

Understand the need to continuously keep costs down whilst at the same time managing your key track assets AusRAMD Engineering offers a Refurbishment program on switch Assemblies, “V” & “K” Crossings.

Our expert team evaluates the key components that you have removed from the working corridor to identify if they can be cost-competitively repaired and brought up to standard enabling them to be put in stores ready for re-install as and when required. This process is always more cost-effective and has a faster turnaround than acquiring a new unit especially when there is a RBM casting being utilized.

The refurbishment review and process are as follows.

  1. Component evaluation on your site to have a top-level view of the condition.

  2. If the component has the potential to be repaired Delivery to our Adelaide facility

  3. Analysis and quote

  4. When approved for repair by the client and order placed?

  5. Removal of all huck bolts and strip down

  6. Confirmation that there is no further unseen damage to blocks.

  7.  Weld build-up where required.

  8. Machining of rail and RBM Profile, this removes all defects in the parent metal without hiding them first as what could potentially happen in the grinding process   

  9. Manufacture of new rail

  10. Re-assembly of the component with new huck bolts and fasteners

  11. Inspect and the goods are ready for dispatch.


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